Saturday, February 17, 2018

Christmas gifts

The whole reason I wasn't going to go After Valentine's Day shopping was because on Valentine's Day I went to a local gift shop and spent $61 on stuff.
 I went in for the St. Patrick's Day pics for a loaded envelope, they were $0.25 each. When I got to the sale cellar (where they live), I found the leftovers of their Christmas stuff at 60% off. I decided to pick up a few things. The 'Merry Christmas' piece and the snowflake in here are for swaps in the future.
These are for my brother:
 He collects reindeer.
These are for my mother:
 She collects Santas.
These are for my friend:
 Her birthday is in March, I figure I'll give her the fox for that and the bird for Christmas.
These are for me:
The most expensive thing was $5, that was the snowman. I ended up putting everything but the frog in my Advent calendar for this year.
When I added it up, the retail total would have been $150. I love this store and I know they have to have higher prices because they are an independent retailer, but I'd never pay $10.50 for an ornament. But, I also figure, I've bought 3 gifts for my brother, 3 or 4 for my mother, 2 for my friend and too much for me for Christmas this year.
I'm going to try really hard not to spend more money for the rest of the month. I'm going to try really hard to just use what I have for Easter, after Easter until Halloween there aren't a lot of holiday themed swaps. I'm also going to try to just shop at garage sales this summer instead of retail stores.

Friday, February 16, 2018

After Valentine's Day haul

I was trying my hardest not to go after Valentine's Day shopping, but things and stuff. I didn't realize how bad these pictures were until I uploaded them, but I'm not re taking them. I worked an earlier shift than I planned today, so I went to Hobby Lobby:
 I picked up a few more clearance items, a couple St Patrick's Day things one Valentine's Day item and a stuffed hedgehog.
glitter stickers, pocket calendar, shaker tags, sweet treat stickers, rose trim, clover gems, felt clover stickers, stuffed hedgehogs, a couple jewelry pieces, Flea Market fancy ephemera, popsicle stickers.
the pocket calendar was 80 cents, I bought it just so I could cut up the images, it's a Mary Engelbreit calendar. I love these little shaker tags I got last time, so I picked up more. I originally went to look at the Valentine's Day items, and I wanted to by these stickers originally. I love this trim, the 3 pack was in the paper crafting section and the black single one was in the sewing section. I also needed to pick up St Patrick's Day stuff for a swap, I was bummed to see it was only 30% off, but picked up the gems and stickers anyway. I love these two jewelry pieces. I picked up the other bag of flea market fancy bits last time. I also wanted these stickers last time.
JoAnns is in the same strip mall, so I went there, too.
 stickers, paper clips, pen, stamps and a bag. I wanted the cactus pen and the shaker stickers last time I went, but I wasn't going to pay $3 for them. I also wanted the heart and owl stickers, but again, wasn't going to spend $3. I picked up the stamp set because it's got an envelope.
Since I was out, I thought I'd wander down to Walmart and Target, since they're very close together.
 Stuffed animals, candy, book, tape, coloring cards, cupcake pics.
I wanted the chocolate strawberry and the egg before Valentine's day, but again, couldn't spend the $3 on them. I picked up the donut as well. The emoji was in the clearance section. I can't believe the bags of gummies were originally $3 each, the white one is supposed to be champagne flavored. The board book is about Iowa, I saw it at the bookstore in January and was excited to see it at Walmart later on, and more excited to see it today. Every time I go to Walmart, I have to pick up tape to make sure I never run out. I found the cards in the clearance aisle. I've wanted to try these petites from Hostess for awhile, but I'm not interested in spending $4 for them.  I'm not exactly sure why I picked up the cupcake pics.
Here's Target:
food, stickers, water bottle.
I may have picked up a bit too much chocolate, but that was most of the reason I went. Target only had the cheaper candy left, so I went over to the regular candy aisle, bad choice. The cashews were slightly on sale as were the Brookside the blueberry Ghiradelli, and the candy bar at the top. And then I walked down the wrong food aisle on the way out. By this time it was after 5, maybe even after 6 and I was hungry, so I picked up the potato skins and the pizza buns. I also picked up the oreo milkas cause they were on sale. I picked up the Mello Yellow because apparently no one sells those anymore either. I only picked up the Ghiradlli chocolate and the stickers. I picked up the water bottle because I broke mine last week and I needed a new one.
I again spent way too much money, but am gonna try again to not buy anything for the rest of the month.

Friday, February 02, 2018

I'm done shopping for the month

I'm so done shopping for the month. I had to go to Walmart for underwear and Dollar Tree for padded envelopes and body wash, figured I'd stop by Target, cause it's right there. Everything I picked up from Target was from the dollar spot except a Valentine's card kit, I found that with the crafting supplies:
 Power bank ($5), pens ($1), Valentine's card kit ($5), trim ($1), tiny bags ($1 each), foam hearts ($1), stationary kit ($3), cards ($1)
My dad gave me a power bank years ago, but I seem to have misplaced it when I moved, so I picked this one up, it's got a unicorn print on it. I liked the pens because they have tiny hearts on them. I mainly picked up the card kit to see what was in it. The trim is also hearts, it's kind of a gold color. I picked up the bags because they were cute. The blue one says Keep it Together and has 60 springy colored paper clips in it. The purple one says For Keeps and has 8 mini binder clips. The white one says Whoops and has 12 erasers, 6 teal starfish and 6 yellow shells. They are all iridescent. I will probably use them for other things. I recently got a flip book in the mail that had one of the purple hearts in it, I'm really excited to have found these. I was just looking at the pack and realized there's only one of the purple things, there's 4 pink ones 1 silver one and 2 white ones. The stationary kit has a mechanical pencil, a mini notebook, an eraser, stickers and the pouch. The cards are white with ombre hearts on them.
Here's the contents of the Valentine card kit:
 the pouch, foam stickers, a shaker heart, foil stickers, puffy stickers, some tags and 3 vellum envelopes.
Here's what's in the envelopes:
 one had cardstock pieces, one had chipboard pieces and the last one had foam pieces. My total for Target was $22, but I'm still working on some gift cards from Christmas, so technically it was all free.
Next up was Walmart, I was supposed to pick up underwear and tape. Of course I found other things:
 Birthday stickers ($0.98), foil heart stickers ($0.97), puffy glitter Easter stickers ($0.97), puffy egg stickers ($0.97), Valentine woodland creatures ($0.97), heart puffy stickers ($0.97), heart confetti ($0.98).
I'm still stocking up on birthday stuff. These heart stickers have little emoji faces. It's never too early to start getting Easter stuff. I couldn't pass up these cute woodland stickers. I totally picked these up for the teal color. And I really liked the heart confetti.
Marshmallow pops ($1 each), gift bags ($0.98), Oreo bar ($1.34), stuffed sloth ($2.98), double stick tape ($5.84), Minion blind bags ($0.50 each).
I love these marshmallow things, so I picked up some more. There's two gift bags in this pack, the other one has hearts on it, I thought they didn't need to be used just for Valentine's Day. I love these Oreo things, especially the mint ones. I really loved the sloth, too. When I found out these blind bags were only 50 cents each, I had to get them, after opening them up, I'm saddened to say I have paid full price for them on other occasions, I did get my underwear, I just decided the world didn't need the picture of them. My total for Walmart was $34.
Last stop was Dollar Tree, it started snowing on me before I got there, the forecast told me I needed my big heavy coat because of the windchill and that it wasn't supposed to snow until after 4, it was wrong on both accounts.
I bought one of these birds last year at Hobby Lobby for 2 something, now they're at Dollar Tree:
 I only needed body wash and padded envelopes, I ended up spending way too much on way too many things I didn't need:
 frog, bunny, bandages, body wash, gnome figurines, honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, calendar, keychain, hand sanitizer.
I can't pass up cute figurines for a buck. I also can't pass up bandages, I don't use a lot, but I like to have cool ones when I have to use them. Got my body wash. I like these pretzel pieces, I picked up two bags. LOVE that I got a day by day calendar for a buck, it was the only one I saw, but I like the theme. Today is Play Your Ukulele Day. Squeesh-yum donut keychain, I admit I can't get enough of these. I picked up this hand sanitizer just cause it has the Tootsie roll owl on it, it says the scent is Tootsie roll, I don't know how I feel about that.
 garland, figurines, note cards, pins, bunnies, lifesavers, cards, pens.
I picked up the garland to pull off the clovers for a St Patrick's Day loaded envelope. Again with the figurines, these are fairies and woodland creatures. I'm always needing cards, it's easier to just sent a notecard instead of making one with my art swaps. I picked up the pins for the loaded envelope as well. The bunnies are glittery foam shapes for Easter. I like gummies. I also love these metallic pens.
 I may have gone a little overboard with the stickers. I got rather excited to see some good ones. The first set is from Pebbles, they are a bunch of summer banners, I got two sheets. Heidi Swapp, they are circles with random sayings in them, I picked up two sets of each of the circles. Jot layered summer themed stickers, I picked up two of these as well. Jot brand layered woodland stickers. Jot laser stickers, I may have picked these up solely for the pineapple with sunglasses. Jot Do It Yourself coloring stickers, hearts. Greenbriar valentine shaker stickers, I picked up two sheets of these, I'm a little bummed that the sequins in them aren't valentine colored. Jot Dot It Yourself coloring stickers, birds.
Shimelle stickers, I was a Greedy Greta and picked up all 8 sheets they had. I'm planning on sending them out in swaps. I picked up a sheet of these at Hobby Lobby last year on clearance for about $3. The Pier Crate Paper label stickers, I picked up two of these, I'm also planning to send them out in swaps. Greenbriar Valentine's stickers.
I spent about $41 here. I might be set for stickers for awhile.
I also had some exciting swaps waiting in my mailbox when I got home. A Vintage Valentine File Folder Pocket Letter:
 A Valentine's Day pocket letter:
 And an ugly paper swap:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A dancing elephant

I promised myself I wouldn't spend any more money on stuff I didn't need this week, but I had a hat to return to Kohl's and my bus pass expired today, so I went to Kohl's and TJ Maxx.
I'm impressed with Kohl's return policy, I didn't have a receipt and it was after 30 days, though the customer service lady told me, their computer keeps the ISBN's for at least 4 years. I wasn't impressed with their pricing for something. I got store credit for about $13, so I wanted to spend about that, or a little less. I was looking at their Valentine's display, and trying to figure out which bag of chocolates I wanted to purchase, there weren't price tags on them, only a listing on their electronic screen. So, I picked up one that was more than I thought. I still ended up getting a bag of chocolates, but still, the checkout lady looked at me like I was stupid.
 They had their Christmas ornaments at 70% off, which is another reason I'm not a fan of them. They still had Christmas stuff and none of it was more than 75% off, apparently they're not really wanting to get rid of it.
The elephant has a little sign that says "baby's first Christmas", I pulled it out of it's hand. There was another sea angel that had a crab, but she only had one wing.
I had to walk by TJ Maxx to get back to the bus stop, so I went in there as well. They had a ton of stuff on clearance from the holiday season, unfortunately it was mostly all food, I was hoping for more physical stuff:
 So far, I've tried all the things in the top row and the first item on the second row. The first ones are kinda like tiny rice cakes with a white chocolate drizzle, they're pretty good. The second ones seem to be like crackers with sugar on top, also good. The third ones are basically just chips, I'll be taking those to work tomorrow. The cookie brittle is wicked good, it's very rich like it says.
Chocolate, cards, socks, magnetic bookmarks.
Again, food, the fruit medley was the only thing I picked up for full price, it was $4.99, I probably shouldn't have gotten it. Nothing else was priced over $2. The cards have a cactus that has embroidery around it, they had another pack missing envelopes, which doesn't really matter because I have envelopes. My plan is to put a different sentiment over the 'looking sharp'. The socks were 30 cents, I figured even if they didn't fit, it was only 30 cents. I'm having a hard time passing up cheap magnetic bookmarks, these are fast food ones. I picked up fast food stickers last time, I plan to make paper clips with them. I'm thinking I need to do a food pocket letter or art piece.
I have to go to Dollar Tree on Friday, and I think that will be my last shopping trip for awhile, I spent over $200 on stuff I didn't need this month (maybe I can blame it on Hobby Lobby's sale), so I really need to cut back. I feel like I keep saying that and don't do anything about it.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hobby Lobby Clearance

So, everyone's been doing hauls on YouTube and Facebook showing what they've picked up at Hobby Lobby's 75% off clearance event. Apparently they are making room for new stuff and a bunch of stuff in the paper crafting section is marked down 75% off. Here's what I picked up:
 They had their His & Hers wedding stuff 50% off, so I picked up some hearts to use in a Valentine's Day project.
A lot of the stickers were priced $1, originally $3.99. I've been doing a lot of birthday explosion boxes lately, so I picked up some birthday stickers. The first set is more of a Valentine's sticker pack. I picked up some cactus paperclips. I picked up the pineapple and unicorn acrylic pieces, not sure what I'll do with those, but they were cute. The trees I wanted, but Jolee's stickers are so expensive and don't go on sale much, so I picked up a few of those. I love the shaker tags. I like coffee themed stuff even though I don't like coffee. That sticker sheet with the typewriter, someone gave me and I have been hoarding it. The pinwheels I thought I'd use for 4th of July. I love the flowers in jar stickers.
 Again with the coffee related stuff. I liked the charms with the envelopes. I also couldn't pass up the tiny cards, thought they'd work on a pocket letter. I saw someone else pick up these tags and the Tim Holtz washi, can you believe it was $10 originally?
 More Jolee's stickers, I picked up the "homegrown" paper pack mostly for the jar ephemera. I really liked the 12 days of Christmas stickers and the watercolor butterflies. You can see a sheet of Valentine stickers. I picked up the Carpe Diem packs for the cute stickers, I plan to cut the ladies out of the folder pockets.
A couple more Valentine's items and some flowers.
 Mostly what I pick up when I go to Hobby Lobby is stickers, a lot of the people's hauls I saw they were so excited to get dies on sale. I may have spent less because I don't use dies. The highest single priced item I picked up was $4.00, and it was originally priced $16. I admit, I didn't look at regular prices, I just walked up and down the aisles looking for that yellow clearance sticker and looked at the price on that. I had more stuff, but stopped and pondered if I'd actually use them, or if I was just picking stuff up because I saw other people getting it.
I went to a couple other stores in the strip mall that Hobby Lobby is in. I stopped at the Salvation Army and was ready to pay, but no one was at the register, so I put all my stuff back and left. Last stop was JoAnn's and I just don't know why I visit them. Mine has drastically reduced their papercrafting section to focus on fabric again. I'm wondering if it's because there's no other fabric store here and they're almost right next to Hobby Lobby. Anywho, I was hoping their Valentine's Day stuff was marked down, but it wasn't, they barely had anything out. There were a couple things I was interested in, but they were priced at $3, when I could get about the same thing at the Target dollar spot for a buck. I found a couple things:
woodland creatures bags, and a banner kit. I've been on the hunt for the woodland creatures washi, but I didn't find any.
I've started saving my $1 bills and my change for garage sale season. I know I spent more money on purchases last year because of YouTube and people's hauls on Facebook. Though lately, I haven't felt bad about my purchases, even though they haven't been that cheap lately. I had put in an order on Amazon on the 13th and it still hadn't shipped by yesterday, so I cancelled it. It was a book, a calendar and some duck tape, it shouldn't take almost a month to get here. I've also decided I'm done ordering from Amazon. I'm also done shopping on Hollar, but I will continue to buy the Peachy Cheap grab bags, I haven't used much from them, but I love the excitement of getting them.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Not much exciting has happened since last Friday. I was so excited to be done at the bookstore. I do enjoy working there, but working 3 jobs at a time is very tiring. And I basically do nothing other than get up, go to work, come home, go to bed and repeat. 
Saturday, I opened at the library, had a few hours downtime and then worked a basketball game that night. Sunday, I worked a wrestling match, had a few hours downtime where I did my laundry and went to Red Lobster for dinner with my parents.
Monday, I got tired of demanding people, mostly my mother, but people. 
Tuesday, I basically took a break from the world. I turned off my phone and worked on art stuff and watched TV. I had a great day until I turned my phone back on and realized my mother had a temper tantrum because the world didn't go her way. She does this with me every now and then, if I don't do exactly as she asks for any reason, she says something rude and stops talking to me. I decided if she couldn't act like an adult, I don't want to deal with her. I'm tired of being the adult or the bigger person, not only with her, but in Facebook things, too.
Wednesday, I opened at the library, I was going to return a hat, but of course left the hat home, I decided to go shopping anyway for some retail therapy.
First stop, Walmart:
 Squeesh-yum, Mineez, glitter, stickers, squirt toys, blind bags.
I put the squirt toys and the Tsum Tsum blind bags in my Advent Calendar. I have finally filled it up, so every other fun thing I get to enjoy. I wish I knew why I was so annoyed with the world lately, I want to say this time it's because I haven't been able to enjoy the fun things I've bought, but I know it's not true. The Squeesh-yum is one of those squishy things, it's shaped like a piece of toast with a face and an ear dipped in chocolate, it was $3. The Mineez were $1.50, the glitter was $0.50 each. The stickers were $2.97, I thought they'd work if I had more birthday explosion boxes to make. I found these cute little squirt toys in the toy aisle, they were $1.97 each. The blind bags were all $1.
 The thing in the background is a burn-out top, it was $5. The bath fizzies turned out to be $3. The underwear was $10, and I needed the tape it was $6. I spent a grand total of $42, it was mostly because of the things in this picture.
I was going to go to TJ Maxx as well, but decided I was happy with my purchases from Walmart and went back home. I stopped to mail a Valentine's pocket letter and went to the grocery store on the way home.
Today, I went to our downtown area for some dollar days deals. I didn't find many.
First stop, HyVee Drug:
 colorable decal $1.25, a couple snowmen at $0.50, chai $11, eos lip balm $1.99, earrings $1, and a cute little crystal bird for $2.29. I bought the the decal and snowmen for future swaps. I needed the chai for the mornings I open at the library. I couldn't pass up the deal on the eos and earrings. I picked up the bird for a friend's birthday gift.
Next stop:
These picks were marked at $0.25 and apparently they were half off of that. I plan to break off the sticks and use them on explosion boxes. I'm tempted to go back and buy all the rest of the Happy Birthday ones they had.
I really wanted some exciting Valentine's Day stuff but I didn't find anything. Not many stores even had Valentine's Day stuff. I also realize that our downtown is made up of small independent retailers, but I just don't feel like paying the higher prices these days.
There were also a couple times I almost bought something for a friend, but I am so tired of being the person that buys for other people and rarely gets anything in return. I know it's part of my personality, but I'm tired of giving so much lately, I'm tired of what feels like one-sided relationships, where people only want to hang out when it's convenient for them, not that they care about how I feel.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hodgepodge Vol 338

It's Hodgepodge time again. Head on over to Joyce's blog to see what other people answered.

1. January 24th is National Compliment Day. Is it easy or not so easy for you to accept a compliment? Share a recent compliment you've given or received.
I'm trying harder to give and receive compliments. I know how great it feels to get a compliment so when I see someone who looks cute, I try to give them a compliment. I honestly don't know the last time I got or gave one.
2. Ten little things you are loving right now.
Time for me, Chai tea lattes, unicorns, pretzels in chocolate, 
I'll have to think about this more and update tonight.3. Would people describe you as a positive person? Do you see yourself that way? I readhere  a list/description of eight things positive people do differently-
Positive people find something to look forward to every day, they celebrate the small stuff, they're kind, they stay busy, accept responsibility for their actions, forgive themselves, know when to move on, and resist comparisons
Which action on the list would you say you do regularly? Which action could you add to your life to give you a more positive outlook? If you're a positive person, what's something you do regularly that's not on the list?
I think of myself more of a realist. I do accept responsibility for my actions, that's what annoys me the most in the world lately, people have excuses for everything, but it seems rarely do they take responsibility for their actions. I think finding something to look forward to everyday, I know that would give me a more positive outlook.
4. Homemade chicken soup, beef stew, or a bowl of chili...what's your pleasure on a cold winter's day?
I like clam chowder. I haven't had any in a long while, but that is my favorite thing to eat on a cold winter's day
5. The best part of my day is....
Today is Tuesday, it's my first day off in about a week and I'm pretty much ignoring the world. I'm tired of demanding people. If you're saying the best part of my normal day, is probably when I get home from work and get away from people.
6.  Insert your own random thought here.
Like I said it's my first day off in awhile. I have hit the end of my 2.5 week run of working 3 jobs. I'm tired of it. I wish I had a job that made it so I didn't have to do this twice a year. I'm getting too old for it.