Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More shopping

I ran out of foam tape a few weeks ago and had to pick up some small padded envelopes for a swap, so I went to Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target today.
I wasn't sure if Dollar Tree would have foam tape and clear packing tape, so I made sure to stop there first.
 I bought all the sheets of stickers with the bicycle on it, it was only like 4, but still. I saw them in someone's haul video and was excited to see that my Dollar Tree didn't have them. I didn't have this sheet of butterfly stickers, so picked those up. I liked the hydrangea stickers and picked up two of those. I had to find something that starts with C for a swap, so picked up this notepad with cacti on it. The birthday card is for a co worker. I picked up the notebook to track my swaps. I found these cute keys in the wedding section, you get 12 for a dollar, I don't know what I'll do with them, but I couldn't pass them up.
 I bought two rolls of the foam tape, as well as the packing tape on the red roll. Now that my hair's short, I need the bobby pins to keep it out of my face. I'm trying to drink more water, but I don't like the taste of it, so I picked up these flavor things to help. I picked up the dry erase markers for work. I picked up the hedgehog cause he was cute.
My next stop was Walmart.
 I don't need more paper, but I said I could buy it, if I used it for a co-worker's birthday card I was allowed to buy it. I picked up the photo album for a swap. The Equalizer is a movie I keep checking out from the library, so why not buy it? I picked up 4 of these envelopes, I really wanted a package of them, but they didn't have any. The granola bar things were on sale for $1 (but, of course they didn't ring up as that, I'm glad I caught it before I paid), thought I'd take them to work.
Last stop, Target:
 I spent under $3 here. I picked up the cactus drink float to go with my C swap and then decided to send something totally different, that and the pens were in the dollar spot for $1. I picked up the oreo bar because I had a cartwheel (I also have a coupon for a free one, but I keep forgetting to put it in my bag).
I found some happy mail when I got home:
They are die cuts from my new facebook group.
Tomorrow, the forecast says we're getting more snow, but it's supposed to be in the 50's at the end of the week.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chaotic Day

Today was kinda nuts. We had this huge kids event at work and it was a bit much, there were tons of kids and parents and too much was happening all around me. I know no one could tell, but I was very stressed, I don't know if it was being overwhelmed or anxiety or what, but I felt like I was about to collapse. I usually try to avoid the library during this event and I will switch if I realize I work next year.
I decided to go shopping on my way home since the weather did not cooperate yesterday. I was afraid it wouldn't cooperate today, too. It was raining and windy on my way into work, I chose a heavier and longer coat. Just as I got to work, it basically started pouring and sleeting, my legs were soaked from the thighs down, my boots as well. I ended up drying at work, and the weather went from raining, to snowing to raining, and people told me it hailed and sleeted, too. That was all in 5 hours, welcome to Iowa. It stopped doing it all by the time I left, so I decided to head over to Hobby Lobby and an Asian food store.
Here's what I picked up:
 I spent about $13. I don't really know what things are, I just kinda guess every time I go, sometimes I get lucky and find stuff I've already had. I do not know what the pink and purple drinks are, but when I drank the purple one it was kinda like a grape milk drink. I think I was supposed to shake it because when I got to the bottom, it tasted more watered down. The middle drink is Litchi flavored Ramune, which is kinda like sprite and flavored. I don't know what the yellow package is but they reminded me of Umaibo which are very yummy, and they taste like them, too. The pink is a strawberry flavored snack. The purple one said it was taro flavored filled pillows. They remind me of the Quaker squares cereal filled with a little cream, they're not very good.
Hobby Lobby:
 I went to get a paper pad I saw a few weeks ago, but they didn't have any (which isn't bad, cause I don't need more paper). The two Trolls containers were mystery keychains, they were $1 each. The wooden feathers, diecuts, arrows, and banner pieces were $0.75 each. I seem to be attracted to feathers lately. I picked up the diecuts because they have llamas, sombreros and cacti. I'm not sure what I'll do with the sombreros. I thought the arrows would just be fun. The cacti gemstones were 50% off, so $1, I love cacti. The banner pieces I thought I'd flip over and use for a card. The vellum envelopes were $1. The flower pieces were $0.49 each, I thought they'd make good embellishments.
These were in the Easter section, they were 90% off. I love rice crispie treats, they're a little hard, but they're still good.
I wish I could stay home and hibernate for a month to get over the nutsness of this day, but I have to work the next two days. Tomorrow is Sunday, which is enough to make us busy, but we also have an event that's supposed to pull a bunch of people in.s

Friday, April 13, 2018

I cut my hair

Let's see, what have I been up to since March 31st? Not a ton. I made a birthday card for a friend on April 6th:
 Saturday, I received this beautiful lavender and green loaded bag:
 I made an embellishment box on Sunday:
 And a bird pocket letter:
 I also joined a new facebook group last week where you send out a lot of mail and you get a lot of mail. I do want to cut back on my postage, but I'm excited about this group.
Tuesday, I decided to cut my hair, here's a before:
 And here's an after:
 I usually grow my hair until it annoys me. I've been trying to get it long enough to hit my waist since 7th grade (about age 13, I'm turning 35 this year), but I've never had the patience to let it grow. I measured it, it was 22 inches they cut off. I donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, the lady cutting it said I should donate it to Wigs for Kids, but I found you had to have it in 4 different ponytails before cutting it, and everyone keeps saying that Locks for Love is bad (cause they sometimes sell hair to offset their costs), and Pantene also only takes the one ponytail. You can't tell in the picture above, but my hair has a little wave to it when it's short, so one side is a little wavy and the other side is more flat. I believe I last cut it in late 2012, so it's been awhile.
I also got a welcome to my new group package in the mail on Tuesday:
 A random stuff swap:
 And some altered paper clips:
 Wednesday, everyone at work said my haircut looked cute. I also found out who doesn't really notice things.
Thursday, I got a wish granted from my new group, I asked for cactus anything:
 I may or may not use these. I haven't really been in using stamps lately, but I do like the clear stamps.
Our weather has been really weird lately. There were some nice days in March and then we had snow, this was March 24th in the afternoon:
And then we had nice days and the snow disappeared. On Easter it was in the 30's and cold, and then it went back to the 40's and 50's. Yesterday it was in the high 60's and I thought today was supposed to have a high in the 70's and sunny, but when I looked at the forecast last night it had changed to 60's and rainy. And this morning, the high was only 50 and rainy.
I was originally going to walk up to our north Walmart and the mall and go shopping, I took the bus instead. I didn't find a lot:
 The tide was on clearance for $13, I haven't had to buy any yet, but I know they're not cheap, so I got that. The ziploc bags were on clearance for $2.50, and the other bags were $3.62. I have started gathering all the goodies people give me in swaps and keeping them together in ziploc bags.
 a bralette for $7.44, and a Reece's snack for $3.24. I noticed my bralettes are getting a little old, but I guess that's what happens when they're under $5 and you wear them almost every day. I've already eaten the Reece's.
I found these cute guys:
I figured I can wear bunny earrings any time of year, and for $0.30 each, who can pass them up?
As always, my mall is sad, but I wanted to see if there was anything interesting at TJ Maxx:
Last time I was there, they had these cute unicorn cards and I'm very sad I didn't pick them up. I did, however find these cute gift boxes for $2. I also go there to find new and exciting food, which I didn't find this time, but I found good food. The marshmallow kebab was $2.99, the cashews were $4.49 and $4.99, the rice crispie treat was $2.99. I bought some dark chocolate sea salt cashews at Target in February and have been trying to find them again since then, but I can't. It seems I really liked the salt part of them, because I don't find these that good. I've had the rice crispy treat before.
I'm a little bummed, because I didn't find anything really fun. Of course I was saying the other day, I don't need more stuff and most of this is stuff I will use up at some point, as opposed to crafting stuff which I may hoard forever.
I will be going to Dollar Tree tomorrow, and I'll probably talk myself into Target to check out the Dollar Spot, and Hobby Lobby as I walked right by it on Tuesday.

Monday, April 02, 2018

After Easter shopping

I decided last night, if I just got up and went shopping I could be back long before I went to work. Woke up at 8, figured the world was telling me I should go to all the stores. Double checked Dollar Tree's hours online and off I went. I decided to go to Target and Walmart first going back to JoAnn's later because they opened at 10. I left about 9, as I walked past Dollar Tree it looked very empty, but it was ok, because I was going back that way to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's later.
First stop was Target:
bunny rabbit, two squishies, an activity book and a care bear
 I stopped at the Dollar Spot, but they were restocking it today. I found out apparently 9AM on Mondays is when they restock, or maybe just move things around. Like after Valentine's Day, their seasonal section was very picked over.
I did find the top squishie, the bunny and the care bear in the Easter section. The other squishie and the activity book were in the dollar spot.
Next up was Walmart:
 I may have gone a little crazy with the Cadbury buttons. I wasn't going to pay $1 each before Easter, but I'll gladly pay 50 cents each after. I picked up the giant Snickers because it was only 80 cents.
 I couldn't pass up the Iowa Easter book. I don't know why but I have to always pick up stuffed animals. I did pass by the ones at Dollar Tree.
 I found a few stickers and a cute bag.
Next stop: Dollar Tree:
 a couple keychains, some glue dots, lace, list pad, paper, cards.
I totally picked up the keychains for friend mail. I finally got the glue dots I wanted, I liked the lace. The list pad and the cards are for me. I picked up the paper for friend mail as well.
 Stickers. No justification needed.
 More stickers. I've actually been looking for these.
 Boring stuff: bags, shower poufs, antacids, hair ties, envelopes. This picture is more for me than you. But it is the reason I had to go shopping today, it's time to switch out my shower pouf.
gummies and chocolate.
I was going to go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's, too, but as I was heading over to JoAnn's (after spending about $60), I decided I didn't need to spend more money or need more stuff. We all know I have too much.
I decided to put a few things in my birthday bag. I figure by the time my birthday rolls around in 3 months I will have forgotten about them.
I should just do After holiday shopping. It's not like I need anything.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy Easter!

Apparently I'm too hard to please. Last year I didn't go to my family Easter because I didn't feel like spending 4 hours in the car with my family. This year I went, but nobody asked me about my life, and apparently all we had for entertainment were my cousin's two little kids. I mean, they're fun to watch but after awhile, I get bored. I also don't appreciate my aunt telling one of the kids I would gladly have her sit on my lap if she wanted. Nope, that's really rude to tell a kid without asking the person because then they upset the kid if they don't want to.
Anywho, here's what I gave myself for Easter:
 That blue bag was a minion mystery Easter basket I bought online.
Here's what was in it:
 I totally got it for the minion finger puppet.
Here's what was in the egg and box:
 The box had all the stuff to the left of the finger puppet. The finger puppet and gum (I'm not sure, I'm taking it to work tomorrow) were in the box.
This is what was inside the orange ball:
SOOO CUTE!!!! I love it. I kinda wish it was a keychain. I'm tempted to buy a bunch more. They were only $2.
I'm also hard to please for gifts, I guess. Last year my mom gave me a pair of Easter socks and though I didn't say anything to her, I thought they were kinda lame, I've grown to like them, she also didn't get me any candy last year. This year she gave me a solid dark chocolate Dove chocolate and a set of mini Cadbury eggs. I've never liked Cadbury eggs, I just passed those on to my brother. I'm also not a fan of solid big chocolate things. But, she kinda knows this, maybe that's why I'm so bothered this year.
Tomorrow I'm going after Easter shopping. I'm trying to figure out if I want to go to all the stores or just Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's. I have to work at 3 and it probably wouldn't be an issue if I got up and went, but I'd rather go to all when I don't have to be somewhere later. So, I might put it off until Tuesday (sadly, Tuesday's forecast is colder, but I think I'll be fine). It's not like I need anything, I guess if it's not there by the time I get there, I'm not supposed to buy it.
Again, Happy Easter All!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018


I wasn't going to post today, I had plans for a boring Saturday, then my brother texted asking if I wanted to go to lunch. Turned out all four of us were going out to lunch (which was fine, but we had plans for supper before that). We went to somewhere that apparently everyone else decided to go as well. We left about 11:45 and got done about 1, I convinced everyone to stop at BAM because we were right there. I found a couple books I was going to buy on Amazon except they were going to take 3 weeks to ship it, nope. I also found a Kirby and a Dr. Seuss blind bag:
 I haven't gone through the books yet, but they are very encouraging. I might use them to make more inspirational explosion boxes.
Here's what I could have gotten in the Dr. Seuss blind box:
 I would have loved to get Horace or the Lorax, but I love them all. I do like the Green Eggs and Ham guy.
Here's the Kirby blind bag:
As long as I didn't get the ones where he's completely covered I was happy. I would have really liked plain Kirby, but it's Kirby I'm happy.
We went to the local historical society for a display on the high school. I guess I could have said I didn't want to go, but I didn't realize we had to spend almost an hour and a half there. At one point my mom said we were heading toward the door, and then she stopped to look at their tiny retail section and talked a bunch with the guy manning the desk. When I said something about having other stuff to do today, my mom got annoyed and my brother said it was Casual Saturday. Which is fine for them, but they didn't ask me about my time. I feel this happens a lot when I hang out with my family, they feel like I have nothing else to do and don't ask.
I did find some great mail when I got home:
A spring loaded bag:
And some spring die cuts:
I'm spending the rest of my Saturday being lazy NOT hanging out with my family. I told them I wasn't going out in the cold again today.

Friday, March 30, 2018

March Lollipop box

I got my Lollipop subscription box on Monday:
The stuff inside:
 Tags, stamp, stickers, pen:
 Mystery gift:
 Extra Mystery Gift:
 More Treats:
 Bramble fox charms:
 Die cuts:
 I love how Springy it is. I want to use the items in my boxes, but I don't want to use them all up and not have the items anymore.